Who is Nevin?

I am a native of Cork, Ireland and have had an interest in history and current affairs since a young age being involved in student councils and debating teams throughout my school years. 

BA at University College Cork
In 2006 I entered University College Cork and in first year I studied History, Sociology, Politics and English. After first year I majored in History, minoring in Sociology, and graduated with a first-class honours BA (Hons) degree in 2009 while I was also awarded the title of College Scholar by UCC. 

My final year BA dissertation was entitled "The Marshall Plan: An Extension of Empire" and can be found on this website. This dissertation was awarded a first-class honours mark and examined three reasons why the US launched the plan and how these reasons accrued benefits for the US.

MA at University College Cork
In September 2009 I began postgraduate studies at UCC, pursuing the MA in Historical Research (US Foreign Policy) under 
Dr David Ryan and Dr Mervyn O'Driscoll (see progamme here). This MA encompassed US foreign policy in the postwar era, international relations theories, modules on foreign policy perspectives and also on research skills. I graduated in December 2010 with first-class honours. 

I specialised in US foreign policy through the 1950s and 1960s, the relationship between the American military and economy, and the role of foreign policy in cultural and economic matters.  

My MA thesis, "Shaping the Future: Economy, Design, Society and the US Military in the 1950s" can be found here on this website in pdf format. This thesis investigated the link between the US economy of the 1950s and the US military of the time and how the permeation of military technology into everyday life manifested itself in consumer design and culture. It was described as being "unusual and very engaging" by external examiner Prof. John Dumbrell of Durham University, being awarded a first-class honours mark.  

Extra-academic Experiences

  • I served as the class representative for first-year History during my BA.
  • During the second year of my BA I was a playing member of UCC Soccer and also involved with the UCC Plus-organised Homework Club for secondary school students.
  • Co-hosted the radio programme "UCC Inside Out" on Cork Campus Radio.
  • Wrote a weekly column for both the Douglas Post and Cork's Evening Echo newspaper on Cork City Football Club and the FAI League of Ireland.
  • In the final year of my BA I became involved with the UCC Motorcycle Club, being elected to the position of Equipment Officer and PRO as I progressed through my MA.
  • In May of 2010 I was selected to be one of the Irish delegates to the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Schuman Declaration in Metz and Scy-Chazelles in France.
  • I have also worked, and continue to, as a tutor in History, Sociology and also first-year Politics and English on behalf of UCC.